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March 3, 2012

27 Health Benefits of Turmeric !

by Heal Thyself!

The Amazing Power of Turmeric:

1.  Curcumin (a yellow pigment in turmeric powder) has anti-inflammatory properties in patients with postoperative inflammation.

2.  Review: Curcumin has therapeutic potential in multiple sclerosis.

3.  Curcumin exhibits anti-pre-cancer activity by increasing levels of vitamins C and E, and preventing lipid peroxidation and DNA damage.








4.  A combination of curcumin and green tea catechins prevents dimethylhydrazine-induced colon carcinogenesis.

5.  Combining curcumin with guar gum may help increase its effectiveness in treating colon cancer.











6.  Curcumin has a potent preventive action against radiation-induced breast cancer initiation.

7.  Curcumin prevents chemically-induced mammary cancer. (animal study)

8.  Curcumin ameliorates chemically-induced liver damage and fibrosis in rats.

9.  Curcumin attenuates alcohol toxicity.

10.  Curcumin appears to enhance clearance of amyloid-beta in Alzheimer’s disease patients.

11.  Curcumin acts as immunorestorer in tumor-bearing host.

12.  Curcumin improves survival in mice with tumors.

13.  Soy isoflavones and curcumin suppress PSA levels in human subjects.

14.  Curcumin inhibits prostate cancer growth. (animal study)

15.  Curcumin has significant therapeutic activity in patients with pancreatic cancer.

16.  Curcumin inhibits the growth of pancreatic cancer in a mouse experimental model.

17.  Curcumin and soy isoflavones may work synergistically to prevent and treat pancreatic cancer.

18.  Curcumin and resveratrol work synergistically to improve the condition of mice with lung cancer.

19.  Curcumin inhibits COPD-like airway inflammation and lung cancer progression in mice.








20.  Curcumin ameliorates chemically-induced liver damage and fibrosis in rats.

21.  Turmeric and curcumin are therapeutic as topical agents in (skin) cancer therapy.

22.  Curcumin exhibits anti-liver cancer activity. (in vitro)

23.  Curcumin improves ulcerative proctitis and Crohn’s disease in patients with inflammatory bowel disease.

24.  Curcumin suppresses inflammation in the mucosa of children and adults with inflammatory bowel disease. 

25.  A standardized preparation of curcuminoids compares favorably with atorvastatin on endothelial dysfunction in association with reductions in inflammatory cytokines and markers of oxidative stress

26.  Chelidonium and turmeric root extract have a therapeutic effect on upper abdominal pain due to functional disorders of the biliary system.

27.  Curcuma longa (turmeric) and tinospora cordifolia (guduchi) prevents antibiotic-induced liver damage in patients with tuberculosis.


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