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April 4, 2012

Top 9 Healthy Beverages

by Heal Thyself!

9 Healthy Beverages for Healing:

1.  Water (non-chlorinated, non-fluoridated; high mineral water, spring water; not bottled in plastic)
2.  Tea (white, green and black tea; unprocessed; not instant)
3.  Fermented Beverages (milk kefir, coconut kefir, kvass, rejuvelac, ginger beer, kombucha, mead, lacto-fermented soda, wine, beer)

4.  Berry Juice (black currant, cranberry, blackberry, bilberry, (tart) cherry*, blueberry*, gogi berry, acai berry, raspberry*)
5.  Fruit Juice (grape*, apple*, pineapple, tomato, orange*, pomegranate, kiwi, grapefruit, noni, lemon, mango, watermelon)

6.  Vegetable Juice (barley grass, wheat grass, tomato, celery*, carrot*, beet, leafy greens* – beet greens, collards*, kale*, spinach*, Swiss chard, dandelion, arugula, purslane, Romaine*, cucumber)

(photo credit: Jessica Johnson)

7.  Smoothies (berries, fruits and greens)









8.  Herbal Infusions (stinging nettle leaf, oatstraw leaf, chickweed leaf, alfalfa leaf, lemon balm leaf, red clover blossoms, red raspberry leaf, rose hips, hibiscus leaf)
9.  Sole (Himalayan salt)

* Choose organic for the “Dirty Dozen”.


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