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June 1, 2012

9 Health Benefits of Garlic

by Heal Thyself!








The Amazing Power of Garlic:

  1. Garlic may provide an ideal alternative to acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin) in arteriosclerosis prevention.
  2. Garlic reduces a multitude of risk factors associated with arteriosclerosis and significantly reduces the risk for heart attack and stroke.
  3. Garlic reduces triglyceride levels.
  4. Garlic and grape seed supplement use is inversely associated with hematological malignancies.
  5. A combination of garlic, mullein, calendula, st. johns wort and olive oil is as effective as an anesthetic drug for the management of acute otitis media-associated pain.
  6. The consumption of large amounts of Allium vegetables reduces the risk for gastric cancer.
  7. Allicin, the major ingredient of freshly crushed garlic, inhibits cancer cell proliferation.
  8. Garlic extract has potent antiviral activity against human cytomegalovirus.
  9. Dietary garlic and especially ginger have anti-diabetic effects


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